Carbon Futures


Developed under the Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum of London, Carbon Futures is a research project exploring the ‘Wonder Material’ graphene. Graphene is a two-dimensional sheet of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal shapes which form a lattice. Thanks to their distribution and atomic number, graphene’s carbon atoms form extremely long bonds, giving the material incredible physical properties. 

Due to its many unique properties, graphene is considered to be a wonder material. It is 300 times stronger than steel, and also flexible, bendable and stretchable. It transfers electricity 100 times faster than lithium, is 100 times lighter than aluminium, and only absorbs 2.3% of light, making it almost invisible to the human eye. Finally, graphene conducts heat better than any other material.

However, in spite of harbouring such incredible properties and much potential in a large number of fields, most of the patents owned around the material belong to large consumer electronics companies or research centers. 

This project intends to highlight the full potential of graphene in paving the way to a more sustainable future. Thanks to all of its incredible properties the material can create an impact in the fields of renewable energies, water filtering systems, natural fibres, batteries and biosensors. Finally, being entirely made from carbon, it can be easily disposed of and recycled. 

Through the use of storytelling, the five artefacts that represent the key innovations in their sector communicate how an innovative material can be used for environmental and social good, creating real change not only for us but also for the planet. 


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Research Collaborator
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Designers in Residence Showcase, Design Museum London, 25.01.20 – 16.05.20