Virtual X


One of the first industries to adopt Virtual Reality (VR) was the porn industry. As the technology rapidly advances, in a near future users will be able to fulfil their sexual fantasies by accessing hyper realistic environments and experiences. Virtual X is a critical design project that investigates the possible legitimisation of extreme sexual practices as if they were to be made available in VR and how this may impact our society. The project proposes three objects (Suna, Avigan and Thuom) that would enable such an experience, exposing a near future to raise debate around the direction the pornography industry is travelling towards and whether or not these extreme experiences could, and should be regulated.


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Bodydrift – Anatomies of the Future, Den Bosch, 14.03.20 – 07.06.20

Congreso Santillana, Santander, 15.03.19 – 17.03.19

DigitalTag ZHDK, Zurich, 25.10.18 – 27.10.18

Design Does Exhibition, Barcelona, 23.03.18 – 13.05.18

Trondheim Biennale, Trondheim, 08.03.18 – 06.05.18

Creative Unions Exhibition, London, 19.09.17 – 20.10.17

Central Saint Martins Degree Show, London, 06.17

Ventura Lambrate, Milan Design Week, London, 04.17